How to Download files from Torrent Step by Step Guide

Our today’s tutorial is all about how to download torrentz files, movies, music, software, games, photos and any other stuff . There are various ways to download all such stuff and most importantly it’s absolutely free and torrent is most useful and easy way to get your desired files.

Part 1of 10: Go to Torrent Search Engine


Part 2 of 10: Search your desired Torrent file

how to download files from torrent

Part 3 of 10: Choose top Torrent trackers site to download Torrent files

u torrent file download

There are many sources and sites available from where you can get your torrent files but remember all are not goods some sites are more reliable and efficient and their links are mostly active downloaded. So here I will let you go through the process which source you would choose and how it works.

Part 4 of 10: The next step is to download desired Torrent file….

** Remember to choose your desired file that must be at least more seeding and peers. If you gonna download videos then I will suggest you select 720 rip and above. Always choose file that are verified and based on high quality user rating. To download files or torrentz please follow the steps below:

torrent video download

Part 5 of 10: Always download well known torrent

Firstly download a torrent file there are couple of suggestions about seeders because seeders are those who download this file and they properly run/play that file on three specific sources like VLC, Goom player etc. Most of time torrent site searches your file on behalf of numbers of seeders that will save you from scammers who send fake files. So kindly must watch that figure I will show you below about the seeders

torrent games download

Select the Torrent file with good size and quality stuff

torrent file

You can read the comment on that specific file you want to download. Basically torrents get feedback and vote from your responding file that you download and its successfully work I will show you below.

torrent games download-1

Part 6 of 10: Get your content 

Install the uTorrent: Bit torrent gives you a facility that changes or exchange data all over from the world and provides you the desired file. Data is downloaded from the other seeders who run this torrent application Suppose you are running the torrent application and your internet is stable and in working condition your torrent folder that is in download folder have file that name is fast and furious 5, now another user go the torrents site and search for the file that also name fast and furious 5 torrent will pick a file from your folder and provide that file to another user who is willing for this file so that’s the basic system and its functionality as shown below!

torrent video download-1

Download the Bit torrent Client here:

Part 7 of 10: click on the source file in download folder

 how to download files from torrent-1

Open the torrent file that is in targeted file in download folder file size is in kb sizes and it will not open on that time when you click on file open with torrent file and select the torrent file in specific application like this below

torrent file-1

Part 8 of 10: Set the location to save your file

it is good to select a specific location where your file will be downloaded. It will help you to find your file easily after completion of downloading as sown in the picture below

torrent file-2

Part 9 of 10: Observe the Download

you can also check and monitor you downloading either its work well are not. If you lose you connection don’t get worried about that. It will automatically reconnect you from the server and resume your downloading .

torrent games download-2

*******If you don’t want to use your all bandwidth allocation that is being allocate to your client then right click on client go to bandwidth and click on high for bandwidth like below *******

u torrent file download-3

Part 10 of 10: Finish your download

After completing your download now you will become the successful seeders as you have complete downloading process.

torrent games download-4

Here your file and its playing  using VLC

step by step torrent file download.png

If you have any question please feel free to share in the comment section!

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